Dear Leader, Be Both Destructible and Indestructible Simultaneously: A Lesson from Subatomic Physics

In this essay, I explore the idea of being both fragile and resilient at the same time, using insights from the behavior of subatomic particles. We'll see how these tiny particles can teach us valuable lessons about facing challenges and growing stronger while remaining unbreakable. Photo by Keegan Houser on Unsplash

Dr. Chodisetti

11/27/20231 min read

Subatomic physics is exploring new insights, and we can learn many things and apply them in our lives.

If scientists attempt to destroy a subatomic particle, it accepts the challenge and acts as both destructible and indestructible simultaneously, satisfying the ego of the tester as well as its own.

In the process of understanding the roots of mass, if a subatomic particle is subjected to an attempt to disrupt its integrity by bombarding it with high-velocity particles, it exhibits both destructible and indestructible behaviors at the same time. How does this happen? After the collision, it transforms itself into another type of particle and also generates a new particle from the kinetic energy used by the other particle assigned to destroy it. Due to the collision, it undergoes a transformation into a new form, effectively destroying its previous form. In this manner, it demonstrates destructibility. In fact, it doesn't split itself to reveal its inner contents but leaves an impression on the observer that it is destructible. In this way, it becomes indestructible because it does not provide the desired result to the tester by remaining unsplit.

In the same way, when you are challenged by society and the people around you, exhibit the qualities of both destructibility and indestructibility simultaneously. These challenges should bring about a positive change in you, making you stronger and more resilient. In doing so, you destroy your previous self and bring forth a new and evolved version of yourself. At the same time, you remain indestructible because you do not fulfill the desires of the people around you who have thrown these challenges at you in the hopes of seeing you fall.