Spontaneous Vs Professional Mentors

Having a strong support system is invaluable in life. Whether it's a life partner, siblings, or long-term friends, they can offer guidance and wisdom based on their experiences. While they may not always have the expertise, their unique perspectives can still provide valuable insights. Combining their advice with that of professional mentors helps us make important decisions that shape our lives. Recognizing the significance of this natural advisory board enriches our journey.

Dr. Chodisetti

6/22/20222 min read

Your life partner, your siblings, or your long-term friend, is an advisory-asset which grows cumulatively over the period. They serve as your natural and spontaneous advisory board not only in your personal but also in your profession life. They may not be able to give always the right suggestions especially when the topics do not fall within their expertise. However, they still can give their best advice within their expertise as well as over many other general things based on their life-experiences. It is you who has to take a final decision based on the outputs of your natural advisory board as well as your professional advisory board. I also mean to say, the natural advisory board is as important as your professional mentors.

Your long-term friends or relatives has an accumulated database of your personality in their subconscious mind. They may not exactly know how much they know about you for their senses. But when you go to them for some advice, their processed suggestions or solutions rush out from their subconscious databank. My dad is 65 and my grandmother (my dad´s mother) is 85. Even now, before he takes any major decision, to him, it is not a full-fledged green signal unless he takes the input of his mother. These elders are even more valuable in terms of mentorships because, they got to observe various stages of your development till your adulthood. Lot of your personality-data is already accumulated in their brains. Once the data enters the brain, it will not stay idle. It starts to get processed. The processed results are delivered when necessary or if asked for any suggestions. They know how you think at different situations and how you react with different kind of persons. That is the reason why, the youth should never miss frequent interactions with their elders. The youth should keep on pouring their information (personal or professional) into their elders´ brains. This has two major benefits to the elders.

Frist, they do not feel lonely. They feel included, being involved, and loved. Secondly, pouring data into their brains increases their longevity. They are active. They have less chances to develop age related brain diseases like Alzheimer. The young and the elders must create themselves a healthy intellectual symbiotic environment even though they stay remote to each other.