The Power of Balance: Exploring the Four Levels of Mental Harmony

Embark on a transformative journey towards true happiness and contentment by embracing the principles of Dharma, the power of sleep, the art of breath control, and the serenity of meditation. Photo by That's Her Business on Unsplash

Dr. Chodisetti

6/22/20233 min read

I use the word Balanced many times in this article. Hence, let me explain this beforehand. The concept of balance pertains to achieving mental equilibrium. It refers to finding a harmonious state between anger and depression, as well as between excitement and disappointment. This balanced state of mind allows for clear decision-making and a lucid perspective on things. To attain the ultimate state of balance, one can explore various practices such as mindfulness, meditation, self-reflection, and seeking support from others. By nurturing mental well-being and fostering emotional resilience, individuals can cultivate a state of mind that remains steady, enabling them to navigate life's challenges with clarity and composure.

To reach the highest level of a balanced mind, one can unlock the secret by mastering four sub-levels. Progressing through these sub-levels enhances the ability to achieve life goals and increases personal power. By understanding and mastering each sub-level, individuals can elevate themselves to new heights of mental balance and fulfillment.

  1. Mastering sleep

  1. Master Sleep + Breath control

  1. Master Sleep + Breath control + Meditation

  1. Master Sleep + Breath control + Meditation + Dharma


Sleep is a fundamental requirement for the mental as well as physical health of the human body. Many other activities such as sports, meditation, yoga, etc. can increase the quality of sleep but nothing can replace it. Scientists still do not know why sleep exists, but they unraveled many truths about the benefits of sleep such as toxic clearance in the brain during sleep, etc. Those who incline more toward hypotheses such as the brain projects its own reality and experience, say, it needs to shut down during sleep to prepare for the next day's projections. Whatever the benefits of sleep can be, the one aspect that everyone knows is, sleep is the preliminary requirement of normal and balanced behavior. Insomnia patients often struggle with mental balance and may rely on prescription medication to regain healthy sleep patterns.

Sleep + Breath control – Effective service. Strong mind. Resilience

Once the time and quality of sleep are standardized, to reach the next level of a balanced lifestyle, one needs to understand the advantages of breath control. Breath control is not something anyone adopts forcefully; it occurs naturally on many occasions throughout our lifetime. For example, when trying to open the tight lid of a can, we naturally control our breathing, usually holding our breath tightly until the lid opens. Controlling our breath is a natural practice during exercise or singing, and nearly every physical activity incorporates breath control. Several decades ago, physical activities were integral to life's survival, resulting in natural fitness and greater mental balance. However, in the last couple of decades, technology has largely eliminated the necessity for physical work to ensure survival, and this trend is likely to continue. As a result, most of us have fewer opportunities to engage in natural breath-controlling exercises, leading to a loss of mental balance.

Hence, in today's world, it is essential to incorporate carefully designed breath control exercises, yoga, or other physical activities into our lives. The large goal is not only to stay healthy but also to stay balanced.

Sleep + Breath control + meditation = Greater stability

By adding meditation to the practice of breath control, one can receive a multitude of benefits, including the reduction of uncontrollable appetite, the desire and willingness to fast, and achieving balance in every aspect of life. It's like hitting multiple targets with a single shot. Meditation has the power to positively impact mental health, physical well-being, wealth, knowledge acquisition, relationships, and fostering a supportive circle of friends. Adopting both breath control and meditation can truly bring about a comprehensive transformation and enhance various aspects of one's life.

Sleep + Breath control + meditation + Dharma = Meaningful life

This is the ultimate way to live a successful and contented life. It is at this stage that one truly experiences genuine happiness. Dharma is simply living in the right direction, always doing the right thing at any given time and situation. By doing so, the resulting waves of our actions (karma) will never lead to the destruction of humanity in the future.

A society filled with individuals who excel in maintaining this combination creates a quality society, where righteousness is valued above power and knowledge is esteemed higher than money.

The following picture depicts, in reverse order, what happens if one of the four aspects is lacking.